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We offer a variety of different services to schools, business, government and the community such as nature play equipment, professional development seminars, and tailor made events.

Check out our catalogue of items, or get in touch with us to chat.


All our products are handcrafted from reclaimed materials, sustainably sourced. Every playspace product is one of a kind and can be custom built for your site. Contact us to chat about how we can create something beautiful for your playspace

Professional Development

Climbing Tree can offer a variety of Professional development opportunities ranging from short staff meeting information sessions to full day staff workshops.

Information Sessions
10-30 Minutes

  • Sessions with staff, students or parents.

  • Inform on benefits of nature play

  • Inform of what is possible in a natural play space
  • Addressing risk in natural play spaces

Student Workshops
1-2 Hours

  • Consult with students on the things they would like to do in their spaces.

  • Construct models of play spaces.

Mud Face Play Days

Climbing Tree is excited to be able to offer Nature Play experiences in your school. We offer supervised incursions for classes of up to 35 students with all equipment provided.
Five sessions per day, Includes:

Cubby Building

  • Students design and work in groups to construct bush shelters.

  • Promotes group work, cooperation and communication

Mud Play

  • Students rotate through a variety of stations where they play and learn through experiences with mud.

Loose Parts Play

  • Students explore and create using a variety of nature objects, which can be moved, and manipulated stimulating creativity.

Team building activities

  • Students partake in challenging and risky team challenges. Such as rope bridges and river crossings.

Climbing Tree can offer one or a variety of these opportunities over a day to a single or multiple year levels. Please contact us to tailor a Mudface Play Dayz package to you.


We like to offer a service of ongoing maintenance to what we build.

This may include consultations, or a set maintenance package that ensures the ongoing preservation of your nature play space and equipment. 

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