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Preventative and Corrective 

Climbing Tree Creations have 
provided many nature play-spaces throughout SA and we are keen to form partnerships with all of our 
clients past and present to make 
sure that these sites are enjoyed 
well into the future.

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Part of our strategy is to continue giving ongoing advice and consultation and at 
the same time offer a specialised comprehensive corrective & 
preventative maintenance service. 


Appropriate maintenance is imperative to ensure the integrity, longevity and safety of your assets, for one reason or another regular maintenance can be overlooked this can lead to neglect and ultimately more costly repairs.

Our aim is to offer our clients a complete maintenance management system that will take care of not only your nature play space but be adaptable and agile enough to take care of all your outdoor maintenance requirements.

What can we offer?

Ultimately, we want your outdoor spaces to function and look great all year round, this may mean we work in conjunction with your existing maintenance team as part of their program or provide the entire scope of works as the sole contractor. By working collaboratively, we can create a unique package to suit your individual requirements from a wide range of services that may include:


  • Maintenance inspections and reports

  • Routine Maintenance of Climbing Tree nature play equipment

  • Push pull tests safety checks Sanding, filling, oiling, and sealing.

  • Sand pit maintenance including removal of excessive debris & top ups as required.

  • Soft-fall Maintenance -Rake and tidy, removal of excessive debris & top ups as required.

  • Lawn care – including Edging, Mowing and general care (Small to medium sized areas)

  • Irrigation – Checks servicing and repairs Mulch and Garden bed care (including removal of weeds)

  • General Tidy-up- including sweeping blower /vacuuming and waste removal.

  • Miscellaneous repairs and landscaping.

How Often?

Twice a year? Once a month?... Ultimately our visits will be determined by the scope of work you require from the above list of services and the size of your outdoor space and budget. Every Client has unique requirements, you may engage us for all the above services or maybe just to have your nature play-space sanded, filled and Oiled twice yearly. Whatever your needs Climbing Tree have a flexible and specialist team on hand to deliver the right product for you.


We take pride in what we build, and want to help our clients maintain their play spaces and equipment so that they can be utilised for a long time to come.

We offer the services of maintenance or the coaching for schools and councils to do so.

For any enquiries please contact our head of maintenance, Troy Loakes.

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